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Fade With Our Voices – Leadership

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Fade With Our Voices – Leadership

No Comments 25 November 2010

Principle centered leadership fashioned after the life of Jesus equals action. Plain and simple. When that action doesn’t line up with the very words we say or the songs we sing, we fail to honor the very one whose leadership we claim to follow.

In this wonderfully written song by Jason Gray and Jason Ingram, we hear the challenge to not let our worship “fade with our voices…”

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and more importantly, that you find it a challenge you will take on daily.

You can download the song or the entire album from Jason’s publisher, Centricity Music.

Come Together – Teamwork

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Come Together – Teamwork

No Comments 25 November 2010

I loved this song right from the “Call me crazy” opening line (not that we EVER heard that when we told people what we were doing on the road!) It reflects a properly optimistic hope for the future and the fullfillment of God’s promises.  My favorite lines?

Yes, I am a firm believer
In the things that we can do
If we would all just come together
And let the Lord lead our way
There is nothing that we can’t do
There is nothing we can’t face

(lyrics by Romeo/Law/Anderson/Linton/Mowatt)

Hear the full song at the Third Day website or purchase the song on iTunes!

The Motions – Passion

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The Motions – Passion

No Comments 30 May 2010

This great animation of Matthew West’s “The Motions” was created by Steelehouse Productions and is the featured song in the “Passion” chapter of Share Well With Others.  It is available for download for presentation purposes from Sermonspice.com

Say Your Prayers – Sacrifice

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Say Your Prayers – Sacrifice

No Comments 29 May 2010

We had the pleasure of spending our first month on the road with this band as their ministry partner.  Sure they are a little more “rock” then the rest of the songs for the book, but the lyrics for this song are so strong, I couldn’t help but include it.  Take a moment to watch the video for fun, but most importantly, read through the full lyrics here…

Listen to Say Your Prayers on MySpace.com/theWedding or buy it at iTunes.

Thanks to The Wedding (and Wavorly, and A Current Affair) for taking us under their wing as newbies on the road!

Give Me Your Eyes – Compassion

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Give Me Your Eyes – Compassion

No Comments 28 May 2010

One of my most favorite songs, these amazing lyrics by Jason Ingram and Brandon Heath truly dig into the prayer for compassion -

Give me your eyes…  for the broken-hearted, the ones that are far beyond my reach…

As you listen, think back on chapter 3, and reconsider your compassion challenge.  Who will YOU see today?

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