About the Author

Chad Houck checked out of the corporate hustle on June 5, 2008 to reconnect with his family and reconcile the differences between his beliefs and his life.  The plan? A six month “experiment” in the form of a full time roadtrip with his wife Amy and their then two children – Emily, Dillon, in a 34’ motorhome. The “experiment” continued for almost two years. Completing the family, Bethany Grace Houck was born into the Share5 Tour crew on February 17, 2010.  Together the five have shared their lives with others across America and beyond on a 27,000 mile journey. While they have found a parking spot, the journey will likely never come to an end.

The Houck family sold the RV in 2012 and was “parked” in Texas, where Chad served as the Childrens Pastor for Shannon Oaks Church in Sulphur Springs, eventually becoming the Director of Family Ministries.  Amy served alongside him, working with the preschool children, and the kids re-familiarized themselves to school “without wheels”.

In August 2012, the Houcks returned to their home state of Idaho, where they continue to serve their community in a variety of ways.  The Houck family’s service-based ministry not only involves speaking and teaching, but often takes on varied forms including space design, construction and remodeling, creative and graphic design work, and event and project management and consulting.  Share Well With Others is Chad’s first book.  Two more projects are currently in planning stages with no targeted completion dates yet set.

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