About Share5


Share5 is a ministry of World Wins International, a Christian 501c3 nonprofit ministry founded by Chad & Amy Houck.  Thats us.  We started World Wins in 2005, became full time missionaries on the road in the US in 2008, and have been serving in one capacity or another in a local church for about the last 4-5 years.

We are passionate about our faith.  In 2013, we experienced what has been to date the most dramatic and challenging year of our lives, losing our youngest child Bethany to an undiagnosed medical condition in June of that year following a six month run of intense hospitalization and medical travel seeking answers.  Through it all, however, our family has stood firm on the fact that God is faithful, that He would never leave us, and that He had never forsaken us.  It is our heart to share that hope with the world.