Some share5 because of a lost loved one. Some share5 just because.

Regardless, members share so that the gospel is shared.

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What is Collective Christian Giving???

Its as easy as 1 2 3

You share it.

Every month for a year, 100% of your $5 automatic recurring contribution is combined with the funds of 999 other members.

We pair it with a Project.

We'll pair the collective $$ of 1000 givers with the project of a Gospel-centered relief or development ministry operating in one of our
5 focus areas.

5 Areas of Focus:

Bringing Hope in the Name of Christ

Our partner runs the project and shares the gospel!

While completing their project, our ministry partners share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
with the communities in which they are working.

As the project wraps up, they return impact statistics to share5, and we share them with you!

Our Partner Ministries

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